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Alessandra Ciucci

Music ethnology assistant professor for music, full-time faculty for music ethnology Asian Music Humanities Chair (2021–22) Büroadresse: 801 Dodge Hall amc25@columbia.edu

Alessandra Ciucci PhD in music (ethnomusicology) from the City University of New York at the Graduate Center. Her research interests include: the music of Morocco, the Maghreb, the Mediterranean, gender and sexuality, sung poetry, popular music of the Arab world, and music and migration. Your articles appear in Ethnomusikologie , The yearbook for traditional music , The International Journal of Middle East Studies , Migrantenwelten , Traditional music notebooks , Ethnomusikologisches Forum , and The journal for North African studies . She is the author of several entries on Morocco by doing Sage International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture , has contributed chapters to a number of anthologies and has translated and co-edited an article for and Ethnomusicological translations . She is a fellow of the Fulbright Program, the Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women, the American Institute for Maghrib Studies, the Office of the Provost, the Global Humanities Project, and the Lenfest Program. Before starting her tenure-track tenure at Columbia, she was a Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Music Department. In 2018-2019 she won the Rome Prize in Modern Italian Studies.

Current publications

Performing l-ḥrig: Music, sound and undocumented migration across the contemporary Mediterranean (Morocco-Italy) July 2020 The Study of Women and Music in Morocco November 2012 EMBODY THE LANDSCAPE IN ʿAIṬA AṢBAWIYA (Morocco) October, 2012 “The text must stay the same”: history, collective memory and sung poetry in Morocco September 2012 De-orientation of the 'Aita and re-orientation of Shikhat. January 2010Columbia Degrees: BA, College of General Studiesnineteen ninety fiveDegrees from other institutions: Diploma in Music (Bass) Brooklyn Conservatory of Music1988PhD Musik (Ethnomusikologie) CUNY Graduate Center2008

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