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Expertise: Documentary

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Carlos Sandoval is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker whose work includes the award-winning documentaries: THE STATE OF ARIZONA , A CLASS APART and FARMINGVILLE .

The writer's and sometimes attorney's essays have appeared in several publications, including the New York Times. He is a Sundance and MacArthur fellow, advisor to Columbia Journalism School, and on the advisory boards of IDA's Enterprise Documentary Fund and Firelight Media. Sandoval has done extensive work in the public media, including on several funding and program bodies and as co-executive director of Next generation leadership . As a founding member of Indie Caucus, Sandoval is currently working on a documentary about Latinos and the criminal justice system.

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Sandoval is from Southern California and is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Chicago Law School. Prior to his filmmaking career, Sandoval served as a member of the US delegation to the United Nations and as a program officer The Foundation of the Century .

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