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Collaboration Notebook, powered by Codio, provides a web-based IDE for instructors to create live code and share it with their courses. Instructors can create multiple environments or add their own packages and data using pre-built libraries including Python, C ++, Java 8. This content can then be used as tasks for students in courses. Tasks and grades can be integrated in canvas.

Collaboration Notebook Features:

  • Supports multiple languages: Java, Python, Nodejs, Lamp, Erlang, Ruby + Rails, C ++
  • Can be integrated with canvas assignments so instructors and TAs have full access to view and edit student projects
  • After students submit projects, teachers and TAs can grade them in read-only mode
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How do I sign up?

Sign in through Canvas or Codio.com .

As a lecturer, how do I integrate Codio into my canvas course?

CUIT Academic Services will install the Codio LTI tool in Canvas for you after you receive it Your request . Then you should log in to Codio , create your Codio project and add your tasks to Canvas.

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