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Play the video to learn more about the cost of participation. Tuition and fees;
and course refund insurance.

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Participation costs and your eligibility for aid

Each school within the university calculates the cost of participation to represent a student's maximum eligibility.

Participation costs (also known as 'COA' short or 'budget') = Tuition + fees + living expenses

Below are more details and links to information on how to determine your participation cost.


Tuition and fees

For every school there is the Tuition and fees The pages list the tuition, fees, and other fees. Almost all students also have to pay other fees related to their coursework and life at Columbia, such as your calculations.


Books and accessories

Book and deployment costs vary widely depending on the program and between full-time and part-time enrollment. Please contact your School tax office school for more information.


Room and meals

Renting in New York can be expensive. Contact yours School tax office school for an estimate.

Information on costs related to university housing can be found on these pages:

  • Housing - Columbia College and Engineering
    • Visit the interactive Bill estimator is offered by the Office of Financial Aid and Educational Financing to help CC / SEAS students understand the expenses being billed, including the housing and meal plan.

  • Housing - Graduate & General Studies


Personal expenses

Personal expenses related to your education may include commuting, clothing, groceries, and utilities.


Participation costs for each school

Many Columbia schools provide resources here for finding tuition, fees, and other attendance costs. Check the alphabetical list below to see if your school or program is included.

Undergraduate Schools

  • Columbia College/School of Engineering and Applied Science

    • Visit the interactive Bill estimator is offered by the Office of Financial Aid and Educational Financing to help CC / SEAS students understand the expenses being billed, including the housing and meal plan.

  • Faculty of General Studies

Graduate schools

  • Architecture, Planning and Conservation, School of

  • Art, school of

  • Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of

  • Business, university

  • Engineering and Applied Sciences - Graduate Students, School of

  • International and Public Affairs, School of

    • MIA / MPA / MDP

    • PEPM

    • EMPA

    • MPA - ESP

    • Ph.D.

  • Jewish Theological Seminary

  • Journalistenschule

  • Faculty of Law

  • study of law

Medical Center Schools

  • Nursing school

Professional studies, School of

Master of Science degrees

  • Actuarial

  • Applied Analytics

  • Bioethics

  • Construction management

  • Risk management

  • Human resource management

    opt i-20
  • Information and knowledge strategy

  • Narrative medicine

  • Negotiation and conflict resolution

  • Not for profit administration

  • Sport Management

  • Strategic communication

  • Sustainability management

  • Sustainability science

  • Technologiemanagement


  • Classic certificate

  • Psychology Certificate

  • Certificate Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology (EEEB)

  • Quantitative studies for financial certificate

  • Advanced business certificate

  • Biotechnology certificate

Professional performance certification

Professional Achievement Certification - MS Program Related

  • Actuarial Mathematics Certificate (Online)

  • Bioethics Certificate (Online)

  • Certificate for sustainability analysis

  • Certificate for sustainable water management

Professional Achievement Certification - Summer Only

  • Critical Issues in International Relations Certificate (nur im Sommer)

  • Human rights certificate (only in summer)

  • Study certificate from the United Nations (only in summer)

Studying after graduating from high school

  • Studying after graduating from high school

  • Business-Plus


Summer season

  • Summer-Session-Special

  • Graduates visit in the summer semester

  • Summer semester HS attendance

  • Visit in the summer semester

  • Business advantage

  • Strategic Communication International Perspectives

  • Business practice in summer

  • Summer visit of the graduate foundations

Special offer without graduation

  • Graduate Foundations - Non-Credit

  • Bioethics Certificate -Non-Credit

  • American language program


  • Public Health, School of

  • Social work, school for



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