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Starting in Spring Semester 2020, the CourseWorks Gradebook has received a significant update with a new look and functionality.This new Gradebook provides an improved way of entering grades and tracking students and their progress in CourseWorks.

Please watch the screencast below for a brief overview of the new gradebook and the most important changes.This screencast covers: entering grades, making grades visible to students, and sending grades to Student Services Online (SSOL).



Below is a list of CTL curated resources that can further assist you in using the Gradebook.

General CourseWorks support

  • Contact the CTL by email at ColumbiaCTL@columbia.edu
  • Contact the CTL by phone at 212-854-9058
  • Come in person at 212 Butler. past
  • make contact Clay designer Assigned to your school or department
  • If you have technical problems, contact CUIT under ITCourseworks@columbia.edu
  • Register for the self-paced CTL assessment and grading course. This course provides a detailed overview of the assessment and grading tools in CourseWorks and how Instructors can use these tools to create a more efficient and learner-centric course environment.

Enter notes

To learn more about entering grades, please visit the following support links at Instructure (the parent company of CourseWorks):

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Show grades for students

To learn more about viewing grades for students, please visit the following support links at Instructure (the parent company of CourseWorks):

Sending grades to SSOL

To learn more about submitting grades to SSOL, please visit the University Chancellery link below:

  • Further information on submitting grades

Additional resources for the gradebook

To learn more about the Gradebook, here are some additional resources from Instructure (the parent company of CourseWorks).

The CTL researches and experiments.

The Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning provides a range of resources and tools for teaching activities.

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