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Software available to the Columbia University community free of charge or at Columbia’s agreed rate.

Unlock Alt IconComputersicherheitssoftware

Windows application used to scan for personally identifiable information (PII), such as: B. Social Security Numbers.


Software to help you recover a lost or stolen laptop.


Virus and spyware scanning program.

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Arrow circle down iconSecure Shell and file transfer software

PuTTY is an easy-to-use Telnet and SSH program for Windows computers.

MacOS X-Terminal

The MacOS X terminal includes SSH, which Macs can use to make secure connections to Unix computers.

QWS3270 Secure v4.85

Click here to download the SSH mainframe access application.


Secure FTP program recommended by CUIT for file transfers to the server cunix.cc.columbia.edu.


Secure FTP software that can be used on a Mac.

Task iconMathematical / statistical software

Access these programs remotely by connecting to a CUIT computer lab


For engineering, design and analytical work.


For scientific, technical, mathematical and technical computer science.


For algorithm development, data visualization and analysis.


For data entry, administration and warehousing, statistical and quality improvement analysis and forecasting.


For statistical analysis, also known as IBM SPSS Statistics.


For data management, statistical analysis, simulations, regression and custom programming.

Columbia University has a license agreement with Microsoft to distribute several Microsoft products and product upgrades to specific campus groups and organizations.

There are two download paths:

Laptop-SymbolPersonal desktop / laptop downloads

Authorized groups *:

  • WITH Bachelor Students
  • WITH Graduate Students (incl CUIMC , SIPA and Faculty of Law )
  • CBS Students should visit them Business school student website instead
  • Research officers, full-time directors, officers, auxiliaries

... can visit them Microsoft-Softwareportal download a copy of the following products (free for students, heavily discounted for lecturers and staff):

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  • Office Professional Plus 2019, 2016
  • Office Home & Business for Mac ** 2019, 2016
  • Projektprofi 2019, 2016
  • Visio Professional 2019, 2016
  • Windows 10

You will receive a unique key for your installation that you have to carry out yourself. Please keep your installation key safe and do not pass it on, as CUIT cannot restore lost installation keys or software.

** Download CU students Office 2016 or 2019 for Mac need to use or create a Microsoft account to complete the download.

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UniversitätssymbolColumbia-owned desktop / laptop downloads

Authorized groups *:

  • employee of WITH , Barnard College , Teacher school , and Unionstheologisches Seminar
  • CUIMC and Columbia Business School students with CU devices for research / study purposes

... can download the following products for free by clicking on the following links:

  • Office 2016, 2013 for Windows and Office 2016, 2019 for Macs
  • Project and visio - See information below for eligible groups
  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 2019
  • Windows Server 2019

All Microsoft licenses for software downloaded from the CUIT site are authorized by the CUIT KMS server every 90 days. For authorization, the devices must either be physically located on campus or you must be logged into the CUIT VPN.

* Given the complexity of the university population, ineligible groups are listed below.

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Important notes for MS downloads on personal devices

* University students who are not eligible to participate

The following groups of students are not eligible for the Microsoft Campus Agreement software:

  • Barnard College Students
  • Teacher school Students
  • Unionstheologisches Seminar (UTS) Students
  • All High School Programs (Including all non-students)

All Columbia Business School (CBS) Students should not use Columbia’s Microsoft Software Portal, they should use the Business school student website .

Before installing new software

CUIT recommends that you back up all of your important work before downloading new software. Although unlikely, there is always the possibility of data loss when reinstalling. When upgrading to a new operating system, back up all of your work and installation files. Remember that you will be overwrite Your hard drive with a new operating system.

31-day download process

You have 31 days from the day you exit the download page to download your software. If you do not want to install the software at the time of downloading it, you can archive the download (e.g. on a flash drive) for later installation.

Extended access guarantee

You may want to purchase an extended access guarantee from the download provider. Kivuto-Lösungen . The Extended Access Guarantee ensures that your downloads and / or keys are protected for 24 months. If you choose not to purchase the Extended Access Guarantee, you will no longer have access to your downloads and / or keys after 31 days from the date you ordered the product. If you need to download again, you will have to pay a retrieval fee for an additional 60 days to access it again.

political science major description

Further information can be found in the Help Section of the Online store .

For support, contact Kivuto Services from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST (Eastern Time) by calling 1-888-396-1447 or online at online http://kivuto.com/contact-us .

Office 365

Office 365 is not a service provided by CUIT. If you signed up for Office365 directly from Microsoft and need help with your password, Please read the Microsoft page for information. If Office 365 was provided by your school or department, please contact IT support for your school or department.

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Authorization for MS downloads on CU's own devices

University members who are not eligible for funding

The following CU affiliates are not covered by the Microsoft Campus license agreement:

  • Former (including new graduates)
  • pensioner (either faculty or staff retirees)
  • Visiting scholar
  • Some types of employees , including consultants, contractors, temporary workers and casual workers, are also available Not covered

Authorized employees for Microsoft Project and Visio

Employees from the following schools and departments can download Project and Visio onto their Columbia-owned devices:
  • Columbia Business School
  • Columbia Law School
  • Earth Institute
  • Investments
    • Arden House
    • Campus Operations - Custody Services
    • Campusbetrieb - Nevis
    • Campus Operations - Commercial Services
    • Capital project management
    • CUIMC Res properties
    • Executive VP Facilities and Operations
    • Finance & Administration
    • Maintenance & Oper Ldg
    • Manhattanville
    • Morningside Utilities
    • Plant construction & utilities
    • Power package
    • Public Safety - Morningside
    • property
    • Residential establishments
    • Space planning & management
  • Finances
    • Executive Vice President for Finance and IT
    • Office of the person in charge
    • Internal Audit
    • Treasurer's Office
    • University Budget Office
    • University Investment Office
    • Procurement services
  • Office for alumni and development
  • Public Affairs Office
    • Community affairs of the EPP government
    • Public Affairs Office
    • Publications and Marketing
  • Office of the Senior Executive VP
    • Customer service
    • Environmental responsibility
    • Senior Executive VP
  • Office of the president
    • Ombudsstelle
    • Secretary's office
    • Office of the president
    • University Senate
  • School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)
  • Science and technology company
    • Columbia-Innovationsunternehmen
    • Science and technology company
  • Student and administrative services
    • CU Facultätshaus
    • Dining service
    • Health Services - Morningside
    • Human resources
    • Printing services
    • Student Service
    • Studentenwohnheime
  • Teacher school (only valid for project)

COOKED applications

Home-SymbolVPN and Citrix for faculties, researchers and staffListensymbolAdministrative applications (eg ARC, InfoEd, ECRT)Google-SymbolGoogle Apps for LionMailTerminalsymbolUNIX applications on CUNIX

Applications of the CU libraries

Codepen-SymbolScientific software from CU librariesBuchsymbolReference management software from CU Libraries

Site License Distribution Guidelines

There are certain guidelines for all licenses procured through CUIT and others who specific to certain products . The general guidelines are categorized as follows:

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1 Licensee's Obligations

  • The licensee is responsible for his own installation and setup. You must Not Install more copies of the software than you pay for.
  • Any violation of the license guidelines is the responsibility of the licensee and not Columbia University.

two Distribution Policy

Software is not prorated based on price or duration.

3 Support-Probleme

CUIT is making these licenses available as a service to the Columbia community. The licensees are responsible for the installation, maintenance of the hardware and the installation of the corresponding operating system.

4 Versions / releases supported by software

Only the latest versions are distributed. CUIT does not manage older, archived software versions.

Software in CUIT computer labs and clusters Software in CUIT-enabled electronic classrooms Computer lab locations and times Public computer kiosk locations Submit a ticket to the CUIT Service Desk Call the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-1919

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