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Felice Italo Beneduce is a lecturer at the Institute of Italian at Columbia University. His academic interests include the fantastic in contemporary Italian literature and cinema; Italian-American literature and cinema; Immigrant literature in Italy; Cultural and translation studies; Primo Levi and Jewish Italian Studies; the phenomenon of return to Italy; and sequential art. His current research examines how the trauma of anti-Semitism in Italian society between 1938 and 1998 was expressed in the fantastic literature of Jewish Italian authors such as Primo Levi and Antonio DeBenedetti.
Beneduce is a passionate teacher and sees his role as a bridge between Italian, American and Italian-American cultures. In this respect, he teaches his students - in constant dialogue with them - the tradition of respect and the willingness to learn from others. His teaching philosophy is based on creating a connection with students that goes beyond the classroom and is happy to devote individual time and support to them.

In the past he has taught courses on Italian Romanticism, Neorealism, Theater, 'The Italian-American Experience in Literature and Film', 'The Women of the Decameron', 'Jewish Italians of the 20th Century as Historical and Literary Figures' and' The Italian Short story of the 20th century. '

Prior to joining Columbia University, Beneduce taught Italian Literature and Cinema and Italian-American Literature and Cinema at Trinity College, the University of Connecticut, Brown University, Providence College, Rhode Island College, Roger Williams University, and the University of Rhode Island. He received his PhD in Italian Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of Connecticut, where he obtained his M.A. acquired in the same area. He also holds a prize for translation studies in Italian / English from the University of Trieste (Italy).

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