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The parent brand

Columbia University's official trademark is the modern crown next to the university's full name in black or an approved blue. For use on a black background, please use a white trademark. You can also use a PMS 290 version of the trademark on a dark blue one.

free space

The o-height from the o in Columbia defines the minimum amount of free space that should be left around the trademark to separate it from surrounding elements.

Minimum size

The Columbia mark must be big enough to be legible. When printed, the minimum width of the mark is 1.5 inches. On the web, the mark cannot be smaller than 150 pixels.

Use restrictions

Don't change the background

The mark must be on a white, black or an approved blue background. Visit the colors section of the website for more information.

Don't change the color

The brand must be black, white or blue. Visit the colors section of the website for more information.

Don't place a mark on a similar color

Always pay attention to the legibility of the brand to ensure accessibility standards for visually impaired users.

Do not change any branding elements

Edit, crop, warp, add font effects, or change the proportions of the mark in any way.


We believe that various schools, institutes and centers in Columbia are best served using a combination of the core elements of name, color, typography and visual marking. As a guide, we've developed a range of co-branded identities that convey individuality while adding value to the Columbia name and reputation.


The University Seal is for official use by the Columbia University Board of Trustees. Do not use the university seal as a substitute for the university brand. Contact Creative Services at [email protected] to learn more.

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