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I'm looking for a parking space

Answer the following questions to determine the admission criteria, parking options and tariffs that apply to you. For information on parking on the Medical Center campus, please contact the CUIMC Facilities Parking Office.

Please note that parking policies on the Morningside Heights campus do not provide parking spaces for members of Barnard College (with the exception of Barnard College faculty, which lives in a Columbia University residential building), Teachers College, and other affiliated facilities . If you need accommodation for the disabled, please contact the Disability Service[Email protected]. Faculty and staff should consult the university's human resources department for workplace accommodation or contact information[Email protected]

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What kind of parking space are you looking for?

  • 24/7 parking
  • Commuter parking spaces (includes all semester parking spaces for the unscheduled faculty)
  • Summer parking space
  • Daily parking
  • Special car park and seminar car park

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