John Bennet

John Bennet is Senior Editor at The New Yorker.

Exclusive scholarships and internships

Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to get hold of numerous special paid postgraduate reporting units ranging in duration from three months to a year. Some of the options are based in Columbia. Others are with news agencies in the United States and abroad. The opportunities develop annually. The companies listed here are the ones that recently participated. Application information is provided here.

Alexander Stille

Professor Stille graduated with a B.A. from Yale University and earned an M.S. in Colombia. He has worked for The New York Times, La Repubblica, The New Yorker Magazine, The New York Review of Books, The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic, Correspondent, US News & World Report, The Boston Globe and Toronto Globe and Mail.


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Giannina Segnini

Giannina Segnini is Director of the Master of Science Data Journalism Program at Columbia University's Journalism School in New York.

M.A. degree

The Master of Arts trains experienced journalists and equips them with specialist skills to explain complicated issues publicly. Students develop an intellectual foundation in their concentration that enables them to ask more informed questions, evaluate evidence of competing theories, and produce sophisticated and nuanced stories.

Davide Casati ’14 M.A. Business

When I first heard about Nunzio Scarano, I was working at Corriere della Sera, the most widely read newspaper in Italy. The details of the Monsignor's arrest were striking. A top accountant in the Vatican, arrested for trying to bring back $ 26 million on a private plane with the help of an intelligence agent and a finance broker - it all looked like a book by Dan Brown. This story haunted me.

Alexis Clark

Alexis Clark is a writer and freelance journalist. She writes about history with an emphasis on race, culture and politics during World War II and the civil rights era. She writes for The History Channel with stories about African American culture, the military, and milestones in social and racial justice.


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Career development

A team of experienced journalists who help students to compete in the job market. We offer personalized advice, a full calendar of career workshops and events, an annual Career Expo, extensive resources, and more.

Ph.D. in communication

The Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies offers a multidisciplinary approach to exploring the relationships between people and media in their cultural, social, political, historical, economic and technological contexts. Learn about admissions, specializations, faculty, and students.

MRS. Degree

Overview of the Masters Degree in Journalism at Columbia Journalism School. Learn more about the curriculum, full-time and part-time M.S. Degree programs and the difference between the M.S. and M.A. programs.

Die J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project Awards Prize

Established in 1998, the J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project Awards recognize outstanding in-kind contributions that exemplify the literary grace and commitment to serious research and social concern that characterize the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning namesake J. Anthony Lukas, who passed away is 1997. Four awards are given: two J. Anthony Lukas Work-In-Progress Awards, the J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize and the Mark Lynton History Prize.

Censorship in the digital age

Threats old as well as new seek to thwart independent journalists around the world. For the cover of their annual report 'Attacks on the Press,' the editors of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) chose an image that reflected the hostility that the American media experienced throughout the world of the year 2016 was hosted by the presidential campaign. The photo, which went viral during election season, shows a man at a Donald Trump rally wearing a t-shirt that says 'rope'. Tree. Journalist.

MRS. Documentary specialization

We train students to succeed in the expanding world of documentary film. You will learn writing, filming, sound recording, editing and the business of documentaries. The classes are small, focused and practice-oriented.