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Live polling with Poll Everywhere makes it extremely easy to create and view polls in the classroom or at a conference or meeting. You can just ask a question, have your users respond on their mobile device and the group can see results instantly!

Poll Everywhere features:

  • Mobile app and multiple browser functionality
  • Live results tracking
  • Different types of questions are available
  • Easy integration with PowerPoint and Google Slides Google
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What is the difference between moderator and participant?

Instructors are usually moderators and create poll questions and monitor response results. Participants can only respond to survey questions.

How do I add participants from my canvas courses?

Instructors can import students from a Courseworks (canvas) course into Poll Everywhere. This will create a group in Poll Everywhere with the students who are enrolled in the corresponding Courseworks (Canvas) course.

Can I combine multiple survey questions into one survey?

Yes. Presenters can group survey questions to create a self-paced survey that participants can complete in their spare time.

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