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Paul Damian Hogan is a New York City based composer. He was recently nominated for an Emmy for his score on Birders: The Central Park Effect. He received his PhD in musical composition from Columbia University in 2007 and then decided to write music for film and television. He has composed scores for the films Shored Up, Birders: The Central Park Effect (HBO), Sahkanaga and Must Read After My Death. He has also made records under the names Paul Damian Hogan the Third, Ta Da and Frances for the past 7 years. He also writes music for television commercials, arranges for bands, makes records and composes music for art projects. When he's not writing music, Paul enjoys playing soccer, watching soccer, traveling and eating delicious sandwiches website .

Dissertationkaminsims View on ProQuest Columbia Degrees: DMA, Composition2007

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