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Current students, faculty, staff, and postdocs living in Columbia Residential may sublet their room or apartment during the winter and summer vacation or other special circumstances with the approval of the school or department. All subleases must be valid for a minimum of 30 days under New York State law and require prior approval from Columbia Residential.

NOTE: Residents of Hastings Hall at Union Theological Seminary (600 West 122nd Street) and New Residence Hall at Teachers College (517 West 121st Street) are not permitted to sublet.

Residents must submit a sublease application for approval to the Housing Office before they ('main tenant') allow someone ('subtenant') to move into the apartment during the absence of the main tenant. Failure to comply violates the usage contract / rental agreement and is a reason for the termination of the right of residence. Please allow three working days for application processing.

Columbia is not a party to the agreement with the subtenant and does not mediate any dispute; the sublease is subject to the terms and conditions of the occupancy / rental agreement with Columbia, of which the main tenant must provide the subtenant with a copy.

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Any Columbia Residential resident found to be sublet a university apartment without Columbia Residential's prior approval of the Housing portal , can be fined up to $ 7,500 per NYC illegal sublet laws and reported on Student behavior and community standards (Students) or Equal Opportunities and Affirmative Action (Faculty, staff & postdocs).

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Sublease Guidelines

Requirements for main tenants

  • Rent account : paid in full
  • Housing contract : actively signed housing contract must be submitted to Columbia Residential
  • Current resident : must live in an apartment for at least one semester before subletting. May not be sublet in the first semester.
  • Subletting dates : Approval of subletting dates beyond the expiration date of the apartment contract is subject to receipt of a signed extension
  • Outside of New York City : Residents can request sublease only if they are outside of the New York metropolitan area for the requested period
  • Occupancy :
    • After subletting, the resident must return to the apartment for at least one semester
    • Students in apartment buildings (shared apartments or dormitories) may only be sublet to one person
    • Single apartments must be completely sublet (no room letting)
  • Rental prices : Sublease lease cannot exceed Columbia Base Rent and Columbia Ethernet Fee (if applicable).
  • Permissible burdens on the subtenant : Optional fees for the use of furniture (maximum 10 percent of the Columbia base rent) and for the reimbursement of utilities (electricity, gas, cable and internet)
  • Affiliation : must maintain full time membership during the term of the sublease. Subtenants cannot be requested during the term of the active Columbia occupancy / rental agreement. Student residents cannot be on leave or have withdrawn from university.

Requirements for subtenants

  • Minimum age : 18 years
  • Good stand : Must be in good standing at the university (financially and cautiously)
  • residence : If the subtenant is currently located in Columbia, the sublease cannot begin until the resident has left the Columbia apartment.
  • gender : If the apartment is single-sex, the sub-tenant must be of the same gender as the resident.
  • No pets : Subtenants are not allowed to have pets in Columbia units
  • Health & safety : All visitors to the campus, including sub-tenants, must contact the Improved University Health and Safety Policy . Further information can be found in the Columbia Community Health Compact . All subtenants moving into shared flats or dormitories arriving from outside the United States or any non-contiguous state MUST be quarantined outside of the Columbia apartment or dorm for the required period of time, as specified in the COVID-19 New York State Travel Advisor .

Reason for subletting

  • vacation : only summer or winter break
  • Approved vacation : during the academic year students can join Housing agency Approval for scientific fieldwork or research. Faculty and postdocs can be sublet with the approval of the chair / dean / director.
  • Distance learning (COVID-19 exception) : During the autumn 2020 and spring 2021 semesters, students can take Housing agency if they are enrolled full-time and admitted to distance learning in the fall or spring semester. Faculty and postdocs who work full-time for the university and are outside of New York City during the pandemic may be sublet with the approval of the chair / dean / director. This exception currently only applies to the autumn 2020 and spring 2021 semesters; if this exemption is extended this page will be updated.

New York State Law

  • Sublease term : at least 30 days
  • Window protection : If residents are 10 years or younger, the landlord must be notified

Moving-in requirements for subtenants

  • Keys and building access : The main tenant must ensure that the keys / access authorizations are given to the sub-tenant. The staff is not permitted to hand over keys to the subtenant or to grant access.
  • payment : Prime Tenant will continue to be billed directly for rent. The sub-tenant must arrange the payment of the sub-tenants to the main tenant.
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frequently asked Questions

How can I sublet my apartment?

First you need to find your own lodger. You can on the Off-campus housing market to find a lodger. You can apply online at the Housing portal after you have selected a lodger. For more detailed information on how to submit the sublease for approval after selecting a subtenant, see the Sublease Policies above.

Can I sublet to someone who is not a Columbia Affiliate?

Yes, residents can request sublease to anyone, regardless of the subtenant's affiliation with Columbia.

Please note that the CU-managed subletting Tab in Off-campus housing market searchable only by Columbia affiliates. Remember to check people carefully and read the sublet guidelines above for more detailed information.

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What rules does my subtenant have to follow to live in Columbia apartments?

Subtenants in Columbia apartments are bound by the same rules and regulations that apply to residents. Residents should instruct their lodgers Resident information and guidelines and provide the subtenant with a copy of the housing contract.

Subtenants are also expected to follow guidelines recommended by the university, city, state, and CDC while residing in Columbia. For more information on the university's response to COVID-19, see the COVID-19 Resource Guide for the Columbia Community .

Can someone stay in my apartment while I'm away?

No, if someone is in your apartment in your absence, they are considered a subtenant (not a subtenant). guest ) and a sublet application must be submitted to Columbia Residential for approval. Even if they're a family member and they're not paying rent without Columbia Residential's approval, allowing them to stay in your home is a violation of your housing agreement.

How much rent can I ask for?

You can bill your subtenant up to 10% more than your rent as an optional furniture rental.

Should I leave a deposit?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you leave a deposit from your subtenant to protect yourself in the event of damage, unpaid ancillary costs, cleaning, etc. Columbia is not part of your subtenant's security deposit. The amount of security deposit that you should take can range from a few hundred dollars to a month's rent. Be ready to return the deposit at the end of the sublet.

I am a student resident. How does my subtenant pay me?

Your subtenant pays you directly and you continue to pay your rent to the university. You are the tenant and the rental bills remain in your name, even if you sublet.

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Is the sublease application a sublease?

No it is not. We strongly recommend that you make an additional written agreement between you and your subtenant to clarify the payment of the ancillary costs, the instructions for moving in / moving out, the furniture, etc. Record everything you discuss orally.

How long does it take for the sublease application to be approved?

Please allow up to three (3) business days for processing and information about next steps. If your application requires connection approval, please allow up to five (5) business days for processing. After approval of the sublease, you will receive an automated email that you can forward to your subtenant.

What do we do after the sublease is approved?

When your sublease has been approved, you will receive an automatic confirmation email that you can forward to your subtenant if necessary. It is your responsibility to obtain your keys for your lodger as Columbia employees give keys or give access to your lodger. After the key exchange with your subtenant, he can move in during business hours (Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

Are there any restrictions on when my subtenant can move in?

Sub-tenants should move in during the construction period when the supervision is on duty, i.e. from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Monday to Friday. read this Please see the Sublease Policy above for more information.

I've found a subtenant for the summer, but my apartment contract expires on May 31st. Can I submit a sublease application before I sign my new rental agreement?

Yes, you can submit a sublet application before signing your Apartment renovation . Enter the sublease information from the Subletting Tab in the apartment portal. Subleases starting on or before May 31st (the end date for most dormitory contracts) will appear on the Sublease Start / End Date line and are available for immediate approval. Subletting dates beyond May 31st will appear on the 'Suggested Start / End Date' line and approved once you've signed your home renewal.

How can my subtenant submit a maintenance request?

If there is a maintenance problem while your approved subtenant is staying at the apartment, they can submit a service request by calling the Facilities Service Center at (212) 854-2222. Please note that applications must be made by an approved subtenant and a list of approved subtenants will be made available to the superintendents.

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