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Susanne Goldberg

  • Herbert and Doris Wechsler Clinical Professor for Law
  • Full-time faculty

J.D., Harvard University, 1990
A. B., Brown University, 1985

Fields of study
  • Constitutional law, regulation and public order
  • Family, gender and sexuality
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Social justice and human rights
areas of expertise

Sexuality and Gender Law
Civil litigation
Civil rights
Advocacy and Social Change
Equality theory

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Founding director of Columbia Law School's pioneering Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic, Suzanne Goldberg, has led the clinic since joining the faculty in 2006. She is also co-director of the Law School's Center for Gender and Sexuality.

An award-winning teacher who received the Law School's Willis LM Reese Prize for Excellence in Teaching and was named Public Interest Professor of the Year, Goldberg has served as Columbia University's first executive vice president of university life since 2015. She works to expand and strengthen the university's commitment to respect, inclusion, and ethical leadership among students, faculty, and administrations.

Goldberg began her career as an attorney at Lambda Legal, the country's first and largest legal organization focused on full equality for LGBTQ + people. While at Lambda, she worked on immigration, employment discrimination, and family law matters, as well as two cases that became a cornerstone of gay rights victories in the US Supreme Court: Laurentius v. Texas , the landmark decision that undermined the Texas sodomy law, and Römer v. Evans who overturned an anti-gay Colorado constitutional amendment. She has continued this advocacy as a professor at Columbia and has filed briefs on almost all marriage equality cases in the United States.

From 2000 to 2006, Goldberg worked at Rutgers University School of Law, where she directed the Women's Rights Litigation Clinic. Goldberg also served as a clerk to Judge Marie Garibaldi of the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Goldberg is a frequent commentator and analyst for the news media on the MeToo movement, sexual and gender law, and discrimination law and litigation. Your comment was featured on ABC News 20/20 , CNN and other television channels, as well as on radio and news agencies around the world.

Professor Goldberg is currently on leave from the federal government.


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