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Tanya Domi im Interview in Dnevni Avaz

Monday 26th January 2015

Tanya Domi, Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs, interviewed in the Dnevni Avaz on Bosnia's relations with the EU and the United States; the challenges the country is facing and why it has not progressed more dramatically in the past 20 years; her views on UN Ambassador Samantha Power; the British German [diplomatic] initiative; the emerging role of Russia in the region and how its actions have undermined Bosnia. The interview is in Bosnian.

It was also recently published by Michael K. Lavers in his article for the. quoted Washington sword entitled “Macedonian Legislators Approve Ban on Same-Sex Marriage” (January 21, 2015). Domi, who is currently writing a book on LGBT rights movements in several Balkan countries, said the blade that many Macedonian supporters have been attacked and forced to seek emergency medical care. She found that many of them had also been evicted from their homes. It is a deeply hostile environment for LGBT people, Domi said.

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