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Installation instructions for WinSCP

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1 Download WinSCP

Download the installer for WinSCP (external page for the latest download).

Save the installer to your hard drive and make note of the folder where you saved it.

two Install WinSCP

Run the installer.

By doing Save as save the file to your desktop and then click to save .

By doing Select the setup language On the Setup Wizard screen, click OK .

By doing Set up the WinSCP screen click Next .

Select the option I accept the agreement and then click Next .

click Next to install Standard installation recommended) from WinSCP.

click Next to install Commander interface from WinSCP.

click To install .

Deactivate the option Start WinSCP if you do not want to open WinSCP at this point.

texas v. johnson summary

click Finished to complete the installation.

3 Start WinSCP

The first time you open WinSCP you will need to enter the host name you are connecting to and your username. Enter the following at the WinSCP login screen.

Hostname : cunix.cc.columbia.edu

Username : UNITED

Click on 'Save'.

click OK by doing Save session as Pop-up window.

Double click on cunix.cc.columbia.edu , or choose cunix.cc.columbia.edu and then click Registration

click And in the warning pop-up window to continue connecting to the host. Note: This window should only appear the first time you log in.

Enter your UNI password and then click on OK . (You need a valid Columbia UNI to transfer files between your computer and the Columbia UNIX server.)

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